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Rosemary Dawkins is a tough, aggressive, yet friendly and fun-loving tomboy girl who is friends with Allie Finkle, Erica Harrington, Sophie Abramowitz and Caroline Wu. Her enemies include Cheyenne O'Malley, Marianne and Dominique. Her family consists of her older brothers, her mother and her father. She used to be Allie's enemy, when she bullied her in the second book, The New Girl, but by the end of the book she befriended Allie, after Allie learned Rosemary was mean to her because she felt sad.

Roles throughout the series[]

Book One: Moving Day[]

Rosemary was not introduced in the first book, however she may have been present when Allie was in Mrs. Hunter's classroom for the first time, as she was going on a tour of Pine Heights Elementary to meet Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Danielson.

Book Two: The New Girl[]

Rosemary's role in the second book was a bigger role, probably being her biggest role for the whole series as she played a bully and Allie's enemy. She was known to only be mean to Allie because she as never treated like a girl herself and accepted by the female student body, as the girls all steered clear from her, especially Erica Harrington, Caroline Wu and Sophie Abramowitz, all of whom Rosemary thought of as snobs.

Book Three: Best Friends and Drama Queens[]

In this book, Rosemary's role is significantly smaller, as she was not in Allie's close group of friends or a major member of Cheyenne O'Malley's posse. However she, like Allie, Erica, Sophie and Caroline, did not like Cheyenne. It is stated that all the boys (with the exception of Patrick Day) are afraid of her in this book, which is why no boy asked her to "go" with them. This did not hurt Rosemary at all, and was possibly better for her, as she was disgusted by several of the boys and only hung out with them to play kickball.

Book Four: Stage Fright[]

In the fourth book, Rosemary's role is even smaller than in Best Friends and Drama Queens, and no new facts are learned about her. She does, however, say that Allie has a good role in the play, and they are in a lot of the same scenes. She also says Allie should keep her role as the queen when Ms. Hunter disqualifies Sophie from the play and gives the role of the princess to another girl.

Book Five: Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out[]

Rosemary's role in the fifth book is second smallest of all her roles in the series, where she is mentioned. She is only noted in the beginning of the book as Missy Harrington, Erica's older sister, is preparing for her Twirltacular, and in other scenes, though her dialogue in these scenes are not very long.

Book Six: Blast from the Past[]

Rosemary's role in this book is the smallest of all her roles in the series in which she is mentioned. When Allie discovers she is in the same group as Cheyenne O'Malley, Brittany Hauser, Mary Kay Shiner and a few others, Rosemary offers to swap groups with her even if it means suffering the consequences, showing that Rosemary is brave.