Mrs. Hunter is Allie's fourth grade teacher at Pine Heights Elementary. She has a son, is divorced, and is engaged to a weird man named David, who throws rocks at her window, carries a suitcase, and gives her roses.  Mrs Hunter is intelligent, kind, pretty, but can also be very firm and even sharp when she is angry. She teaches her lessons in an interesting way, has story-time, wrote her own play, called "The Realm of Recycling," planned a field trip to "Honeypot Prairie," and helped Mrs. Danielson, another fourth grade teacher, organize a spelling bee for fourth and fifth grade. Mrs. Hunter is very strong, despite her good looks, as she banned "The Kissing Game" without any help, and was final with her casting decisions in her play, despite Cheyenne making her mom come to school to talk with her about Cheynne not getting to play the princess.

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