Courtney Wilcox is a 4th grader from Allie's old school, Walnut Knolls. At the beginning of the first book she was best friends with Brittany Hauser although Brittany didn't treat her like a BFF. Although when Brittany invited her over she seemed to go along with her games like Pop Star and Lady Buissness Executive which she actually said she loved. But then towards the middle things start to change with Brittany and her. She and Brittany were no longer Best Friends infact Brittany told Courtney herself that Mary Kay Shiner was now her new BFF and Courtney was second. Courtney then became best friends with Allie and was now her only friend at Walnut Knolls, since Brittany was mad at her and Mary Kay wouldn't talk to her. Courtney gave Allie a half heart BFF necklace to prove their friendship before Allie moved. Courtney also appeared in Book #5 and Courtney didn't join in any of Brittany's games at her birthday. She had a long talk with Allie in the bathroom when Allie had to leave.

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