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There is Brittany Hauser,similar to Cheyenne O'malley. She is a spoiled rotten rich girl. Her parents will give her everything she wants. Including a limo,and luxury hotel,a special fancy dinner,just for her birthday. The only time she ever got punished was when she put her mom's fancy new cat in a suitcase and shook it around...image a year full of grounding. She is very similar to Cheyenne,they both are snotty rich girls,they both don't like Allie,they both think Allie is babyish. Except Cheyenne actually calls Allie (in the beginning) "Big baby finkle" so in a way Cheyenne is MEANER than Brittany Hauser.

Personality: Snotty,rotten,rich,drama queen.

Appearance: she has natural blonde hair,a pink tee shirt,white blazer,pink sparkly boots.

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