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'''Allison Kate Finkle''' is the main protaganist of the series. She has two little brothers, [[Kevin Finkle|Kevin]], the youngest, who is in kindergarten, and [[Mark Finkle|Mark]], who is in second grade. She has a kitten named Mewsie (initially thought to be female, but is actually male) and the family dog whom the family has had for a very long time, Marvin.
'''Allison Kate Finkle''' is the main protaganist of the series. She has two little brothers, [[Kevin Finkle|Kevin]], the youngest, who is in kindergarten, and [[Mark Finkle|Mark]], who is in second grade. She has a kitten named Mewsie (initially thought to be female, but is actually male) and the family dog whom the family has had for a very long time, Marvin.

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Allison Kate Finkle is the main protaganist of the series. She has two little brothers, Kevin, the youngest, who is in kindergarten, and Mark, who is in second grade. She has a kitten named Mewsie (initially thought to be female, but is actually male) and the family dog whom the family has had for a very long time, Marvin.


Allison, or "Allie", as everyone calls her, is a spunky, friendly, and kindhearted 9-year old-girl who is a huge animal lover and dreams of becoming an "actress slash vet" when she grows up, so she can act in Hollywood films and save animals at the same time. She loves to make rules, and has created a book for rules on friendship, siblings and everyday life. Some of her rules are to help animals not to be killed and/or hurt (such as never eat anything that once swam in the ocean). 

The Books

Book 1: Moving Day

After hurting her best friend, Mary Kay, Allie decides to make a book of rules, partaking to friendship and other situations that are not as simple as math or science.  The same day, her parents announce to her and her brothers that they are moving.  Mary Kay is upset by this, and makes Allie promise not to tell anybody about it yet, because it's her birthday and she doesn't want to ruin it.  Allie agrees, but cannot resist the temptation to tell somebody, so she tells Scott Stamphley, who she assumes will not tell anyone else, since nobody likes him.  However, he tells the whole class, and Mary Kay stops being friends with Allie.  Allie hates her new house when she sees it, because it is run down and old.  When she sees that Erica lives next door to her, she is more excited for moving, until Erica's brother tells her that there is something scary in the attic.  She is convinced it is a zombie hand, which she saw in a movie with her Uncle Jay, and does all she can not to have to move.  When she goes out to eat Chinese with her family, she is so upset about having to do something she doesn't want to that she rescues the restaurant's turtle, who she is convinced will be made into turtle soup-something it doesn't want to do, just like her.  Uncle Jay promises to take the turtle to live with him as long as she acts happy about moving, and she agrees for the turtle's sake.  Uncle Jay's girlfriend, Harmony, writes about Allie's rescue and it gets sent to the paper, so she is a hero in class, making everyone want to be friends with her again-even Mary Kay and Brittany Hauser, who are now best friends and made fun of her only the day before.  Allie realizes this and does not go along with it.  While passing out cupcakes, she shoves one into Brittany's face, starting a huge food fight, which sends her and Scott to the principal's office.  Allie's mother is so angry she tells Allie she can't have a kitten after all, but later, because of how good Allie became about moving, she permits it-after Brittany's mother's show cat has kittens.  Allie ends up loving her new room, and reprimands Erica's brother for teasing her.

Book 2: The New Girl

Starting from the second book, she started attending Pine Heights Elemantary School with her best friends, Erica HarringtonSophie AbramowitzCaroline Wu and Rosemary Dawkins. She also got a kitten in this book, named Mewsette (Mewsie for short) from the litter of Lady Serena Archibald, a show cat that belongs to Mrs. HauserBrittany Hauser's mother. She was hoping to get a girl kitten, but Mewsie turned out to be a boy kitten. Also in the second book, Rosemary Dawkins said she was going to beat up Allie. Allie was terrified, because Rosemary was much bigger than her and had a history of beating people up. However after Allie invited Rosemary to lunch at her house, they became friends.

Book 3: Best Friends and Drama Queens

Over Christmas, Allie got Dance Party America on PlayStation, but was very eager for school to start again because her family was tired of playing it and all of her friends were away, except for Sophie who broke her toe playing ice skater, so she couldn't play Dance Party America.  Erica, who saw Caroline at the baggage carousel at the airport on the way home from her Christmas vacation, said that Caroline said there was big news.  Allie dreamed of what it could be, such as Caroline getting a horse or winning the lottery and moving to a castle, but was disappointed when it was only that there was a new girl in Room 209.  When they got to school, Mrs. Hunter asked to speak to Allie, and she started to get excited because she thought she was going to get to show around the new girl.  However, Mrs. Hunter instead made her move to back of the room next to Joey and Stuart, when she had been sitting next to Erica.  Wanting to be nice to the new girl, Allie pleasantly agreed.  The new girl turned out to be Cheyenne, who was rude to all of Allie's friends and Allie, and started a kissing game with the other girls, which Allie thought was horrible.  When the kissing game was banned, Cheyenne started making all of the girls "go with" boys, even Sophie and Caroline.  When Allie said she didn't want to "go with" boys, Cheyenne and her friends called her immature.  When Joey and Allie were the only single people left in Room 209, except for Rosemary, Joey tried to ask Allie to "go with" him, but she said no, saying she didn't want to go with anybody.  After this, Cheyenne said everybody was going to call Allie "Big Baby Finkle."  After everything, Allie lost it and screamed at Cheyenne.  Mrs. Hunter heard, and Allie was afraid that her teacher no longer considered her a "joy."  She was so upset when she got home, about everything, that she cried in her closet all afternoon.  When her mom got home, Allie told her everything, but refused to let her call Mrs. Hunter.  The next day, Mrs. Hunter angrily said to the class that she was aware of the people who were "going with" each other, and everybody was broken up.  Cheyenne blamed Allie, but it turned out that almost everyone in the class had their parents call Mrs. Hunter last night.  Allie was relieved that her friends were all friends again, and everything was over.

Book 4: Stage Fright

When Mrs. Hunter announces the play Room 209 will be performing for parent's week, Allie immediately wants to be the star, Princess Penelope.  But Sophie admits to wanting to be this first, so Allie is afraid she cannot try out after all.  Uncle Jay tells her that she should, because in the theater the best man wins, and there are no hard feelings, and Sophie would get over it.  He and Mark help her practice and Uncle Jay gives her a lot of theater tips.  The next day at auditions, Sophie does well, but Cheyenne does as good-or better-making Sophie nervous.  Allie decides to say she is auditioning for the princess to "make sure" Cheyenne doesn't get it, to disguise the fact she really wants it for herself.  She uses all the tips Uncle Jay told her, and thinks she does the best of anybody.  However, when Mrs. Hunter announces the roles, Sophie is Princess Penelope and Allie has to play the evil queen, which she thinks is the most horrible part in the show.  When she gets home she yells at Uncle Jay, but he tells her she got the "character part," which is the hardest part to play and is for the best actress.  Allie feels better, and is wonderful at playing the evil queen, making everyone laugh, which she realizes is just as good as making them clap.  When Room 209 has their dress rehearsal in front of the kindergarten class, Allie wears red high tops and gives a hilarious performance, which everyone loves except for Sophie, who yells at Allie for not being scary and making everyone like Allie more than Sophie, the lead.  Mrs. Hunter hears the outburst and takes Sophie off of the play, which means Princess Penelope is open.  Sophie doesn't come back to school after lunch, and Cheyenne volunteers to play the princess in her place.  Allie wants to, too, but no one knows her lines and everyone says she has to be the evil queen, because she is the best and makes everyone laugh, so she agrees to Cheyenne playing the princess.  However, she, Erica, and Caroline convince Sophie to come back to school and apologize to Allie so she can be the princess again instead of Cheyenne.  She does, and the play goes very well, Allie making everyone laugh a lot.  Allie wears her mom's fake eyelashes-which her mom wears now that she is on TV-to look even better, though her mom yells at her when the play is over.

Book 5: Glitter Girls and the Great Fakeout

Allie and her friends are all excited to go to Missy Harrington's Little Miss Majorette Baton Twirling Twirltacular event at the middle school on Saturday.  Allie has a ballet lesson, but tells her friends she's sure she can miss it.  When she goes home, she begs her mother, but Mrs. Finkle tells Allie that unfortunately she cannot go to the Twirltacular because Mrs. Hauser called to invite Allie to Brittany birthday party and she said Allie would go.  Allie is very upset until she learns that Brittany will be taking a limo to Glitterati, a fancy party store, eating at The Cheesecake Factory, and staying in a luxury hotel.  She wants to go, but to spare her friend's feelings lies and says she doesn't want to go but has to, because Mr. Harrington works with Good News, the television program her mother is on, and might stop working with them if Allie doesn't go to the party.  Allie's friends are horrified and sympathetic to Allie for having to go to a party she "doesn't want to."  On Saturday, Allie starts to wish that she was going to the Twirltacular instead, especially when she sees her friends leaving for it.  When she gets in the limo, she discovers Brittany and the other girls think she is now popular and rich, because her mother is on TV, she lives in an old "fancy" house and attends a "fancy" school, and they heard about a boy asking her to go with him (though she said no).  Brittany is really extremely jealous of Allie, and tries to embarrass her by making her dress like a pirate at Glitterati.  Allie, however, makes the best of the pirate costume and does the best on the runway, making people stare, which Brittany hates.  When the girls go to The Cheesecake Factory, Allie-because her mom forgot to buy a gift-gives Brittany one of her own copies of A Wrinkle in Time, which Harmony gave her and is special to her.  Brittany clearly thinks it's dumb, and Allie, along with getting tomatoes on her burger, is angry, both at Brittany and herself for coming.  She goes to the bathroom in The Cheesecake Factory to get away.  After being in there a while, Courtney, who Allie was best friends with for a few weeks before moving, comes to find her.  Allie realizes Courtney still wears her half of the heart best friend necklaces they had, and she has been totally rude to her, not even thinking of her after moving.  Allie apologizes, and Courtney says it's okay.  Allie, still miserable, borrows Courtney's cell phone to call her Uncle Jay to come pick her up, and he says Harmony will come.  She invites Courtney to come along, but Courtney says she had better stay, because she has to hang out with these girls at school.  Allie promises Courtney she will call her and invite her over.  Allie goes home with Harmony and gets to go to the Twirltacular finals on Sunday, but knows next time to choose her friends over glamour.

Book 6: Blast From the Past


Allie has long, straight brown hair and blue eyes. Her cheeks are round and rosy, and she generally dresses in colorful yet casual clothing.


Allie's parents are nice to her and probably everyone in the series and they are just like any other mother and father. Allie's grandmother is very picky and just a little mean, however she will buy things for her grandchildren. Uncle Jay is Allie's only uncle mentioned in the series or even that has spoken. In the first and second book, Uncle Jay is the boyfriend of Harmony Culpepper, but she breaks up with him. Thus, Uncle Jay has been living on the Finkle's couch in front of the TV when he has a perfectly good apartment. Luckily, they get back together when Uncle Jay gets a job as the delivery man at a pizza place.

Friends & Enemies

Allie's ex-best-friend, Mary Kay Shiner, was a crier and she wasn't very nice to Allie. When Brittney Hauser got mad at Allie, Courtney Wilcox, Brittany's best friend (and now ex-best-friend) was her only friend. However at the last day of school when she was in the principals office because of a food fight she has started with her goodbye cupcakes, Scott Scampley, a boy who called her "Allie Stinkle" as well, was nice to her.

After she has moved, she made great friends like Erica Harrington (who lives right next door to her and is in the same class as her), Caroline Wu (who is in the same class as her), Sophie Abramowitz (who is in the same class as her) and Rosemary Dawkins (who is in the same class as her and started out as a girl who wanted to beat her up).

Even though she has many great friends, she has enemies too. The new student, Cheyenne O'Malley is her enemy because she is always mean to Allie, even though Allie has done nothing bad to her, and once told Allie she's "practically a boy". Brittany Hauser and Mary Kay Shiner are now her enemies, because they are no longer nice to her and is always calling her mean names. Even Rosemary Dawkins was an enemy of hers because she wanted to beat Allie up, but that changed quickly.


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